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an environment of beauty

Our retreat Ranch is nestled in the Sequoia National Monument with its secluded  Giant Sequoia grove, hots springs, running streams, unusual rock formations and diverse mountain landscapes.

It is here where nature and elegance, relaxation and fitness, spiritual and physical, healthy and gourmet are married in a unique out-door experience.  


Healthy  Cuisine for Foodies 

Take a moment to be grateful for your food before you eat. Remember, eating is the most intimate connection that we have to the natural world.

Here at CHSP, we are Foodies. We believe food is a creative experience and one of life's greatest pleasures. 


As the founder of CHSP Art & Wellness Retreats, one of my main inspirations for creating these environments is to share my knowledge of health and nutrition. 

I love food, but at the same time I love to have clarity, stamina, and a fit body. We can have it all! 

Your menu is selected by both our chef, Vickie Weatherly, and me. Vickie not only applies her culinary talents to everything she creates, but she also pours her heart and soul into her creations. She loves to cook, and you can feel it!    ( 3 pictures are coming)


You will be offered a delicious healthy menu and will learn how each meal and its ingredients effect your metabolism and keep it running optimally. Throughout the day, we will serve snacks, alkalizing drinks, and CHS Hot Springs 9.4 pH spring water.  


I promise you will not even know you are on a food plan. You will not feel hungry, and surprisingly, you will loose weight.... everyone does!


The focus is more on health than on loosing weight, but if you want to shed a few pounds and reach your optimal weight, you can do it healthily on this plan.

The nutritional and fitness LifeStyle here at CHSP promotes clarity, energy, and stamina. The icing on the cake (yes, we will even have cake) is a healthy toned lean body. 


You will leave the retreat inspired, clear, and connected, ready to continue your new LifeStyle Plan at home.

The LifeStyle Plan and information will be given to you during your retreat for your reference when you return home. 


When you take pleasure in the food that you eat, you actually work with nature to speed the metabolism by triggering the adrenals to produce endorphins, the feel good brain messengers-to stimulate the brain to produce serotonin, a mood elevating brain hormone that in turn stimulates the thyroid to produce the fat burning hormone-T3.— talk about a chain reaction! 


Linens and Lanterns:


The Safari tent accommodations are nestled in nature near the running rock faced creek.  Each accommodation is created and designed with your privacy and comfort in mind.  With information from your questionnaire, we will personalize your safari tent to create your home away from home. 


Single occupancy queen size bed.   Double occupancy has two queen size beds. (Prices are specific to each retreat)



 (PICTURES of tents:  White tent with pictures on the right wall.  Rose color tent, and double tent. (will send over in Word)


Beauty  does not exist to be ignored, rather it is a reflection of the soul that invites our participation 
–Linda Saccocio

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