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Jessika Cardinahl

Laurie Pettigrew

Jessika Cardinahl
Painting & Wellness Retreat
Quinta Refugio Estate, Santa Barbara, CA 
Santa Ynez Wine Country

Jessika Cardinahl, world-renowned Artist/Teacher known for her exquisite large-scale paintings of animals, invites us on an explorative journey through her well-crafted Totem Painting Workshop.

Laurie Pettigrew, founder of Kurorte Retreats offers a unique approach to wellness and well being through meditative modalities, inner process work, and your connection to nature. Laurie teaches about the metabolism through her  3 stage "In Your Body" fitness and food plan designed to speed up your metabolism. Laurie is a foodie, so you will dine on a delicious healthy menu of nutrient  rich foods create by Kurorte's Chef, Vickie Weatherly The plan is designed for vegetarians as well.  You will tone up,  loose weight and your skin will glow!

Jessika and Laurie facilitate the process in discovering your Totems (power animals) They both guide your inner process work  through private sessions and group circle sharing.


Please join Jessika and Laurie for  a 5 Night/6 Day Retreat to use your creative expression to tap into the field of unlimited possibilities and your highest potential. Together with the Kurorte team, they create a   fun, warm and safe environment for your exploration and discovery.  


All Inclusive:


Painting Work Shop

  • Jessika will meet you where you are in your creative process, so we welcome beginner painters.  We are all creative and guest have been amazed at the paintings that they have created with Jessika's unique instruction. 

  • Each guest will be given an art kit with a large canvas, paper, charcoal, paints, brushes and pastels.

  • Symbol interpretation and inner narrative exploration through private sessions

  • Sketching and charcoal instruction using the free hand to unleash inhibitions

  • Painting, sketching and color usage instruction for your individual large-scale painting that you take home with you.

  • Face painting where you become your animal totem

  • Portraits taken of you as your animal totem to take home with you

  • Continuous hands-on support and assistance throughout your painting process.

  • Open discussions and circle shares on art, your experience, and the mind-body connection


Health and Wellness

  • "In Your Body" Lifestyle Plan.

  • Learn how to listen to your body as to what foods you metabolize for  your optimal health.

  • "In Your Body" Lifestyle plan to take home with you.

  • Menu of nutrient rich foods

  •  Vegetable, root and tinctures served throughout the day.

  • Aquatic exercise program

  • Yoga

  • Hiking

  • Excursions to visit the Chumash Indians

  •  Swim,  and frolic in the magnificent Pacific ocean and enjoy walks on its breathtaking shore line. 

  • Horseback ride and hike on the rolling hills of Santa Ynez's wine country. 

  • One therapeutic message(extra messages available at 50,00 per hour


Totem Painting  & Wellness Retreat


Single- King size bed, private bath with Jacuzzi  -  $3,500.

Couples- King size bed with private bath with Jacuzzi-  $6,000

Double occupancy with single beds with private bath- $3,200

  Single occupancy , Luxury Safari Tents- linens and lanterns, queen size bed with easy access to bathroom  $3,000.  

 For registration and more information, please contact  or call at 323 896 8386


                                                                                                                          JESSIKA CARDINAHL ARTIST

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