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Harold Payne

HAROLD PAYNE is a multi-platinum songwriter and inspirational teacher whose uplifting songs and masterful improv skills have graced stages around the world.


He has written songs for many diverse artists, from Rod Stewart, Patti Labelle, and his long-time collaborator Bobby Womack, to Peter, Paul & Mary and Snoop Dog!


One of Harold’s most popular workshops is “The Art Of Collaboration”, so he’s the perfect fit for this Co-writing Retreat.


Harold Payne uses his music and interactive skills to inspire both beginning and more seasoned songwriters to jump right into the creative process, and supplies them with a host of techniques and insights along with a wealth of experience. Learn how to prepare for your session psychologically and musically. How to move it along when there is no “Flow”. Using writing prompts & random ideas & improv. The “alone / together” & “sneak” techniques.

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