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LAURIE PETTIGREW, a former Wilhelmina model, actress, and successful entrepreneur, designer / manufacturer, has always been driven by a creative force.

Laurie, launched two designer clothing companies and a home furnishings company; “L. Pettigrew”, “Laurie Pettigrew” and "Throws of Passion” – Home Furnishings.  


While CEO and head designer of the “Laurie Pettigrew" label, Laurie founded "The Art Ranch, 501c(3) non-profit"  


As the Founder, and Executive Director of The Art Ranch, she has reached children and adults all over the world with her unique and expansive  programs around the arts, in-school art therapy, wellness, and teachings in environmental awareness. 

In 2008, she began offering Art & Wellness Retreats for adults at ranch estates across the country as well as creating romantic safari-tented retreats reminiscent of the Hemingway camp of Africa.


"One of my great passions is to create beautiful environments for people to come together to heal, create and share expansive thoughts and ideas  ---- the sky is the limit! 

Laurie Pettigrew
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KURORTE RETREATS, (Kurorte, "cure towns or spa towns") is reminiscent of the Grand Spas of Central Europe. Between the French Revolution and World War II, the Central European Kurorte reached their peak of influence and were not only places of healing, but also hotbeds of cultural creativity and true meccas of the arts.


For the writers and musicians of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the grand Kurorte played a significant role. Goethe, who frequented Karlsbad, insisted, "The waters really are beneficent, and the [ fact of]  being around people has been good for me... everything here has made my stay pleasant and interesting. I feel freer of mind and ready to plunge back into the seriousness of reading and writing.


"After world War II, the Kurorte ("cure towns") fell into decline, and when the spa culture emerged again, they left out the arts, education, and cultural awareness.  Instead, they have become places where you partake in therapeutic spa treatments and walk around in white robes. 


The mission of Kurorte Retreats is to create an environment reminiscent of the Kurorte of the past and to offer an expansive approach to living by addressing the whole person. Using the arts, healthful cuisine, healing modalities, nature, and human connection, we support each guest in becoming the best expression of themselves.


Please join us at Kurorte Retreats for a full holistic approach to wellness, and well-being -- stimulate your mind, be the steward of your body, and honor your soul.  

"The Grand Spas of Central Europe" by David Clay is a wonderful read, quite humorous, and will take you on a tour back in time. It may also inspire you to experience our "cure town" of the present at Kurorte Retreats.  

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