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I just wanted to thank Laurie Pettigrew & her co-leader, Karen Effenberger, who made my first women's retreat @ Kurorte so amazing & life-changing & unforgetable! I'd initially gone just to treat myself for my birthday, attracted by the thought of getting away in a beautiful natural setting & eating healthy & doing some yoga. It was all that, & SO much more! 


We hiked every day & had an afternoon riding horses, plus yoga or qi gong every morning. The eating plan was designed to detox us--so it was healthy, but I never felt deprived! Three full meals a day + snacks-- I was incredulous when I actually lost 6 pounds! But the best part was breaking my sugar addiction! Vickie's meals were all delicious & we got meal plans & recipes so we could continue everything we'd learned when we got home... I could go on & on: so peaceful sleeping in our safari tents with sumptuous linens & down comforters... Art with Jessica, which wasn't designed as "therapy,'' but was very therapeutic for me... idenfitying our totem animals/spirit guides & drawing them... As well as energy work with Karen, full body massage, acoustic guitar & singing with Freebo, fires on the chilly nights, picnics at the beach, onsite pool, & acres & acres of peace & quiet & beauty. 


All of us came with different motivations, & got different things out of the experience. But it was so extraordinary & intense & intimate that we all grew very close, & I feel as if I've made friends for life. I HIGHLY recommend this retreat for every woman seeking to get away from her everyday life while getting in touch with herself physically, mentally, & spiritually & repairing her relationship with food & eating. Thanks to everyone at Kurorte!  

—Kathyln Hyatt Stewart.

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Laurie, you are so smart in every way. The funniest most kind loving human on this earth! I'm on to a new start with your guidance and your loving knowledgeable Kurorte team.

Dear Laurie, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was the most amazing experience. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable and raw. I learned so much and returned home with a new approach to life. I can't wait for my family to meet you!

—Kryss Cotes.

Your Kurorte Retreat (Songwriting / Creativity / Wellness) was a valuable experience. It was engaging, productive and fun. The music program, the fitness activities, and the healthful and delicious meals made it a wonderful week.

To both Freebo and Laurie, thank you for sharing your time, your professional skills and abilities, your personal warmth, and your soulful and soul-filled love!

—Antonio Andrade

My week at Kurorte songwriting / creativity / wellness retreat with Freebo and Laurie was amazing! I have been to many retreats over the years, and nothing really compares to the wonderful experience, learning, laughter, beauty, personal enrichment and camaraderie of Kurorte retreats.


And the food! The plentiful healthy food, prepared by the wonderful, friendly, hardworking and creative Vickie and Alma, to please even someone like me with diet restrictions was out of this world good, and I actually lost 3 pounds this week! I looked forward to Laurie's daily yoga or water aerobics, which helped me feel stronger as the week progressed. A great plus was the added bonus of the 9.4 ph water provided for us to fill our water bottles. All this would be enough, yet this is just the start!


Every day, we received great musical instruction and individual counsel from Freebo, who has spent a lifetime perfecting his performance and songwriting skills. No matter everyone's musical ability, Freebo always gives his all to bring out the best in us. By the week's end, it was so fantastic to see how everyone, even those who didn't think they could do it, write, record and sing a very good song! I was doubtful I could do it, yet I came away with the best song I have ever written, and that is completely due to Freebo's patient guidance through the process.


Then there are the other skilled professionals they bring in, that make the experience over the top good - Florence the vocal soundings coach had us all singing like never before, and then getting to sing in a real recording studio environment with Calen professionally recording our songs was the crowning glory. Freebo and Laurie put their heart and soul into creating a life changing experience to bring out the best in people, and I can't wait to come back to future retreats!  

—Cheryl Krieger Brown

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I went to one of these retreats about 3 weeks ago and it was one of the most transformative events of my life ... and the transformation continues. What Laurie and Karen bring to these retreats is amazing! They are both amazing and inspiring women and the the truths they help you uncover and the self they help you find is true and beautiful. Everyone owes it to themselves to go ... It will change your life ... and at the very least ... enhance it!!  

—NamasteKelli Robinson

I am so grateful for my experience at Kurorte Retreats. Thank you to Laurie Pettigrew & Karen Effenberger for creating such a beautiful space for all of us to enjoy and for sharing your invaluable lessons on improving mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

—Kaeli Gattens

I cannot say Thank you enough for this wonderful experience. I learned so much musically, physically, and spiritually. Thank you Freebo for the giving me the constructive criticism I needed to make a good change. You are one of the most selfless kindhearted people I know. And thank you for wearing your Sandals a majority of the week. They filled me and your wife with tons of joy and laughter.

Thank you Florence for teaching me many things. Especially the breathing techniques. And Laurie thank you so much for becoming a good friend. I really enjoyed spending time with you. Yoga was hard but I enjoyed it. And you had so many great things to share and teach me and the others. Thank you for being so warm and kind. We had some great laughs, mostly at the poor ol goats expense (Freebo).  I definitely plan on returning to either another retreat or just to visit. Much love to my Los Olivos family.

—Shastina Chiles

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