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Kurorte Retreats Food for Foodies

Here at Kurorte Retreats we are Foodies. We believe food is a creative experience and one of life's greatest pleasures. You will be offered a delicious healthy menu, and will learn how each meal, and its ingredients, effect your metabolism and keep it running optimally.

Kurorte Retreats Yoga on a Mountain

Although many people consider water aerobics a senior citizen workout, it’s not! Our water classes provide significant cardiovascular benefits. And because of the water’s resistance, it is an effective workout for nearly every muscle and joint in the body. 

Kurorte Retreats Water & Nature

Drinking high pH spring water and alkelizing the body: Your body’s alkaline and acid balance, also known as pH, can affect your overall wellbeing. Food and water have the ability to change your body’s pH. Desease and imbalance can occur when we eat acid-forming foods and have too much stress.

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