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Get Ready for Summer 2020 Boutique Retreat

If Not Now, When?

California Hot Springs, CA

3 nights 4 days (Please call for available dates, 323 896 8386)

During your stay, you will find a deeper peace and space within yourself, detox, lose weight, and tone your body. You will have the opportunity to create your personalized Healthful Living Plan through nutrient rich foods, well-being modalities, and fitness to fit your Life Style.


Laurie Pettigrew, Founder of Kurorte Retreats, will share her unique approach to wellness, weight-loss and well-being. The exercise program is a full body approach to fitness designed to kick-up your metabolism and to build strength, endurance, and tone your body. Connect to your inner self and inner guidance through private sessions and intimate shares with Laurie Pettigrew and the Kurorte Team.


Learn how an immersion into nature helps to ground, energize, and stimulate the metabolism.

The variety of green smoothies, root drinks along with California Hot Springs 8.8 pH mineral water will be served throughout the day to cleanse, reduce inflammation, enhance blood flow, and promote overall energy and stamina. Your skin will glow!

Return home with your personalized  "In Your Body Lifestyle Plan,” rejuvenated, stronger, and slimmer…. ready to continue your new Healthful Living approach to life.

Boutique Intensive Retreat includes:

  • 3 nights 4 days – Experience the natural beauty of California Hot Springs from the comfort of your luxury accommodations. 

  • Education in nutrition and your metabolism for your new LifeStyle Plan.

  • Enjoy a delicious healthful nutrient rich cuisine created by our Kurorte Chef, Vickie.

  • Painting with Jessika Cardinal and tap into your creativity and a deeper place within yourself through her well crafted Totem Painting Workshop.

  •  Hike in the secluded Giant Sequoia Grove and experience the wonders of these wisdom keepers. We will be the only ones in this magical forest. Learn about the trees, their history, and of John Muir's visit to this grove that inspired his vision to preserve our forests and nature preserves with President Theodore Roosevelt.   


  • ​Daily yoga practice for inner alignment and  mind-body connection.

  • Pranayama breathing every morning with Deepak.  You will immediately experience the effects that this practice has on your nervous system, digestion, and the mind body connection.     

  • Aquatic exercise in the healing mineral waters of California Hot Springs.

  • Detox and luxuriate in the hot minerals baths. 

  •  Ayurvedic Massages facilitated by our Ayruvedic practitioner to stimulate the lymphatic system aiding in your rejuvenation and over all enjoyment.

  •  Take home your personalized "In Your Body LifeStyle Plan" along with information that you can share with your friends and family for a lifetime.


Single- King size bed, private bath with Jacuzzi and Shower  - $2,600

Single- King size bed, private bath with Shower                         $2,600

Double- King size bed, private bath with Jacuzzi and Shower $ 2,200 per guest
(Two Friends, Mothers & Daughters or Couples)

 Retreats are limited to 6 guests: 


For registration and more information, please contact  or call at 323 896 8386

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