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Women's Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat 2023
Discover Yourself from this Vantage Point  
San Francisco East Bay, California
3 Nights, 4 Days
June 7th-10th, July12th-15th, July 26th-29th,
Aug.9th-12th, Aug.23rd-26th, Sept.6th-9th, Sept 20th-23rd
Oct.4th-7th, Oct.18th-21st, Nov.1st-4th
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The Ayurvedic Cleanse and Treatments:


During your stay, you will find clarity of mind, physical vitality and an inner peace by surrendering to this ancient practice.  


Ayurveda has long used diet along with ancient principles of self-care in order to create clarity of mind, a calm and joyous emotional life and vitality within the body.  Our Kurorte team  is committed in bringing you this ancient practice along with other modalities. You will learn moment to moment how each dish, broth, tea, modality and treatment supports   this process so you can continue when you return home.   You will be surprised at how clear minded,  energized, and physically lighter you will feel after your visit. 


Laurie Pettigrew, Founder of Kurorte Retreats,  will share her unique approach to wellness, weight-loss and well-being. The exercise program is a full body approach to fitness designed to kick-up your metabolism, build strength, 
and tone your body. Connect to your inner self and inner guidance through private awarenness sessions and intimate sharing with Laurie. 


Emily Navis, Functional Medical Practitioner and Five Element Acupuncturist 
will pinpoint your strongest and weakest element (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal).   This discovery will aid you in understating your energy field, how people, situations, and your surroundings affect you physically, mentally, 
and emotionally.-- You will take a deep and courageous journey with Emily.


Jacquie Janes, licensed massage therapist certified in multiple modalities,
will use her intuition and your sharing to determine what your mind, emotional body and physical body needs in order to support your Ayurvedic Cleanse. 


An immersion into nature speeds up the metabolism. -- Yes it does!  
Our nature excursions will lift your heart, appeal to your aesthetic and your wonder of the natural world. 

The Ayurvedic Cleanse and Purification is designed to detox, reduce inflammation,  support you in losing unwanted weight, enhance blood flow, and promote overall energy and stamina. You will glow! 

Return home with recipes and treatments to continue your new Healthful approach to life


                                                        All Inclusive:

  • 3 Nights , 4 Days – Experience the natural beauty of our property with its 360 degree expansive views and the comfort of your private luxury accommodations. 

  • Enjoy the delicious Aryuvedic Cuisine and treatments for purification. 

  • Education in nutrition and your metabolism 

  • Five Element Acupuncture with Emily 

  • Private massage with Jacquie

  • Private and group awareness session with Laurie ​

  • Kayak with the otters at  Elkhorn Slough Reserve 

  • Hike in the rolling hills of the Golden Gate Headlands overlooking the Pacific.

  • ​Daily yoga practice for inner alignment and  mind-body connection.

  • Pranayama breathing every morning.  You will immediately experience the effects this practice has on your nervous system, digestion, and the mind body connection.  

  • Morning warm oil self-care massage treatment  

Private Luxury King Ensuite Accommodations $3,000 per guest.

Private Luxury King Ensuite "Shared" Accommodations 2,500 per guest. 

Private Luxury Queen accommodations $2,600 per guest. 

(Share large beautiful bathroom with one other guest)

Retreats are limited to 6 guests - Friends, Mothers & Daughters, Couples, and Single Accommodations 


For registration and more information, please contact Laurie Pettigrew  or call 323 896 8386

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