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Elina Fuhrman

Elina Fuhrman, the founder and innovative chef of Soupelina, is also an award-winning journalist and inspirational speaker, seen on Good Morning America, and in numerous publications such as the New York Times, Allure Magazine, Harper's Bazar, In Style and more. 


Elina will guide you through workshops on eating a sustainable plant-based diet that supports optimum health, balanced weight and a strong immune system. She will share her customizable cleanse that will supercharge your health, make your skin glow, and help you lose a few pounds in the process.

Elina Fuhrman

In addition Elina will teach you the unique recipes that helped her heal from breast cancer, while demystifying the process of cooking with veggies, herbs, and spices in an accessible and personable way. This is a celebration of great-tasting plant-based soups which will change the way you think about healthy food. 

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