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Jessika Cardinahl

Jessika is internationally known for her large-scale animal paintings. She has shown in galleries all over the world and continues to commission her art work privately and commercially. Jessika's artistic emphasis is in the application with large scale canvas and linen. She also employs the use of craft packing paper, large cardboard mattes and clear, unfinished wood veneer as the foundation for her artwork. Among her favorite mediums are oil colors, oil sticks, Kremer powder color pigments, charcoal and aquarelles.

Jessika Cardinahl
Jessika Cardinahl
Jessika Cardinahl Paintings

Education: The Fachoberschule für Graphik und Gestaltung in Hamburg continued studies at  The Parson School of Design and at the U.C.L.A. School of Fine Art.


History: Jessika is the oldest of two children born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, where she is highly considered as an established German film actress and successful commercial model. Originally discovered by the prestigious German modeling agency PARKERSED at the age of 16 she was subsequently mentored by producer Horst Wendtland of Rialto Film.


Due to the great successes of two of Germany's highest grossing, commercially released comedic films: "OTTO, DER FILM", and OTTO, DER LIEBESFILM" with established actor/comedian Otto Waalkes, Jessika has received tremendous public attention for her lead roles at an early age in her career. Her professional acting training in the US included The Neighborhood Playhouse, with Sanford Meisner; Mary Warren (voice coach); Sondra Lee Actor's Studio in New York and Larry Moss in Los Angeles.

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