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Laurie Pettigrew

Laurie Pettigrew is the founder of Kurorte Retreats and has facilitated Art & Wellness Retreats for the past 15 years along with running The Art Ranch 501c3 for children of which she is the founder and executive director.

Laurie Pettigrew - Kurorte Retreats
Laurie Pettigrew

Laurie loves creating retreat programs and bringing in the best in their fields to facilitate the programs. She is a designer by trade and enjoys designing esthetically beautiful environments in order for people to heal and become the best possible versions of themselves, physically mentally, and emotionally.

She will share her unique approach to wellness, weight-loss and well-being. The exercise program is a full body approach to fitness designed to kick-up your metabolism, build strength, and tone your body. Connect to your inner self and inner guidance through private awarenness sessions and intimate sharing with Laurie. 

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