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Drinking high pH spring water and alkalizing drinks:

Your body’s alkaline and acid balance, also known as pH, can affect your overall wellbeing. Food and water have the ability to change your body’s pH.  Disease and imbalance occur when we eat and drink acid-forming foods.


Understanding pH and pH water: Your body fights hard to neutralize acids and maintain the proper pH in organs, tissues and body fluids. But it can only do that for so long before a condition known as acidosis occurs. You have to give the body what it needs in the form of alkalizing fruits, vegetables, and fluids so that it can properly maintain its delicate balance.


Disease occurs in an acidic body, whereas an alkaline environment in the body promotes optimal health and healing. Drinking high pH water that has a high alkalinity means that it has the proper ion composition for delivery in the blood stream.   Don't let high pH water fool you. You can have high pH water (highly alkaline) and have just about no alkalinity to speak of – meaning the water hardly buffers the body’s acid condition at all. It’s not high pH alkaline water we need, it’s water with high levels of alkalinity. 

At Kurorte we focus on creating a healthy alkaline balance in your body through its alkalizing food plan, alkalizing water and alkalizing drinks.


Stress and pH:

Stress plays a role in altering the body’s pH as well. When you're stressed, your breathing is shallow and fails to release carbon dioxide allowing it to build up in your system.  The result: an acidic internal environment.  The Kuorte lifestyle encourages a healthy and well-balanced mind, body and spirit.



Hike and walk into nature.


Your connection to the ground and this natural environment provides  nutrition in the form of electrons. You will learn about how this connection is healing and essential to optimal health and well-being.



Chumash American Indians land and sea:

The Chumash people lived in a direct, simple relationship to one another, to their land, the ocean, the world and to the universe. Every rock and tree, bird and beast, mountain and marsh had a spirit, as did the wind, the clouds and sky, the sun and the moon and the sea. It was believed that these spirits could communicate with one another.

The land and sea offers great spiritual guidance.


Three basic laws guided the Chumash:

Limitation - Each individual should recognize and accept his or her limitations and not envy those of others. Each member of the tribe should be happy in their abilities, for they all had equal value in the community.

Moderation - Take only what you need from the land and the ocean. Leave some for future days and future peoples. The same goes for your tasks; better to take your time than to hurry and make a mistake which would render all your work useless.


Compensation - Give without expecting anything in return, give from the kindness of your heart and recognize the fact that compensation comes in many forms which are not always tangible.


The Chumash lived life in balance with nature, and they were ready for any situation they would encounter in their daily existence and their tasks. As a spiritual people, their view of death also echoed wisdom, believing it to be a natural part of life, bringing forth renewal and allowing the spirits of those who had departed to carry on within the living through songs, dance, art, storytelling and guidance. 


Every object and art piece the Chumash created had a double purpose — a practical, utilitarian use as well as the spiritual expression of its power. They were physically and spiritually united with nature and did not waste any part of any animal they killed or any plant they pulled from the earth. They lived according to “nature’s time”.

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